Hackers Broke Into Selena Gomez’ Instagram To Post Justin Bieber Nudes

Getty Image

Selena Gomez’s Instagram account was deactivated when hackers apparently took control and began posting images of a nude Justin Bieber from his 2015 trip to Bora Bora, according to users who were able to grab screenshots before the deactivation. (We’re not linking to any of the images, even if they’re out there.)

The “Fetish” singer was previously the most-followed user on Instagram, second only to the official Instagram account with 125 million followers. Representatives from her Interscope team advised on Twitter that they’d deactivated the account through Instagram support until the hackers could be ejected, the pictures removed, and the passwords reset.

Fans were quick to try to point out the attack to Gomez on Twitter, which helped in the quick takedown of the offended pics. Of course, social media is in a frenzy over the pics, with fans and onlookers weighing in on the situation. Strangely, the hackers rewrote the bio to include a number of Instagram handles leading to accounts that either no longer exist or that have been deleted since.

There are currently only two posts on @cal695’s account, one of those being an old photo of Selena Gomez, and the other a photo of a lake. @islahgang has no photos other than a profile pic with Spongebob, of all things, and @BLZZ doesn’t seem to exist. There’s no word yet from Selena Gomez about the hack, but we’ll post updates as they become available.