Selena Gomez Revealed Her ‘Revival’ Track List Through These Artsy Yet Sexy GIFs

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On Wednesday, we presented Selena Gomez‘s new cover art courtesy of Interscope Records. This Revival left little to the imagination, but did so in a classy way. Now Selena continues to tease Twitter by releasing a series of sensual GIFs to illustrate her track list.

The marketing plan is rather ingenious because it will rile up Selena’s male audience while still maintaining an all-important aura of mystery. She’s not showing absolutely everything off, but there’s a cheeky glimpse of what’s to come in the album itself. This should work wonders into helping Selena transition from Disney singer to adult artist. It will be alright, for she’s 23 years old, and it’s not like Selena’s gone Miley Cyrus on anyone. No one goes Miley except for Miley.

Let’s do this track list already.

1. “Revival” starts things off innocently enough with Selena’s madly blinking eye (as if she’s enduring an encounter with a pesky grain of sand).

2. “Kill Em With Kindness” and 3. “Hands To Myself” both fall from the same image of Selena stroking her own arm.

4. “Same Old Love” and 5. “Sober” reveal a mysterious tattoo on the back of Selena’s neck as she ceremoniously drops her hair to cover her body art from scrutiny.

6. “Good For You” ft. A$AP Rocky and 7. “Camouflage” continue the trend of Selena suggestively running her fingers in places.

8. “Me & The Rhythm” and 9. “Survivor” take things into a decidedly steamy direction.

10. “Body Heat” and 11. “Rise” both beg you to keep the secret. Hmm.

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