Selena Gomez Surprised A Superfan In Her Home And It Brought Her To Tears

Whether it’s due to Snapchat bolstering extreme parasocial relationships between celebrities and their corresponding fans, or simply because pop music is at a peak, in 2016 it appears fervent fandom has reached new heights with superfans feeling more and more connected to normally out-of-touch superstars.

One of these self-diagnosed “superfans” hit the ultimate climax in her personal fandom this week as she crossed that illustrious threshold of actually getting to meet her favorite A-lister. The celebrity in question? None other than the pop powerhouse, Selena Gomez. Yup, 22-year-old Sophie Saunders received the “chance of a lifetime” (though in this case, the idiom couldn’t be any more germane) when she was surprised by a visit from Gomez in her own home.

A loud and proud Selenator, Saunders hails from the “land down under” and, in the past, has gone to great lengths to bring her beloved musician to Australia. She made a Facebook page and Instagram dedicated to this endeavor, and at one point even flew all the way to Dallas to see the “Same Old Love” singer live in concert.

It’s clear her fervor didn’t go unnoticed as local Australian radio station, KIIS 1065 teamed up with 24-year-old Gomez to set up the coveted meeting. The hosts of the radio show, Jackie O. Henderson and Kyle Sandilands, tricked Saunders into shooting a fan video they claimed would then be sent to Gomez.

However, currently traversing the globe for her Revival World Tour, Gomez took the time to actually pay a visit to her biggest Aussie fan.

Prior to the surprise, we see Saunders sitting in front of a sizable Selena Gomez poster and donning a shirt with the star’s face plastered on it. The video captures Saunders then spewing her love for Selena and even singing a few notes of the pop star’s chart topping tune, “Kill ‘Em With Kindness.” Yet before even reaching the end of the chorus, Gomez appears in the frame, gently opens the door while Saunders immediately recognizes the intruder, cups her hand to her mouth , and of course, begins crying.

There’s then an outpouring of hugs and a profusion of selfie-taking before it’s eventually time for Gomez to leave upon which Saunders asserts, “What the hell? I can’t believe that just happened.” This was followed, not so surprisingly, by more tears.