Selena Gomez Borrowed The Weeknd’s Sweatshirt So They’re Definitely Dating

Remember a couple weeks ago when the internet almost exploded over the idea that Selena Gomez and The Weeknd were dating? Oh, and then there was the obvious prologue of Justin Bieber’s dissing The Weeknd’s music, and sorta obvious follow-up of Selena showing off what the lyric “ass shaped like Selena” meant.

Oh and then The Weeknd dropped a song that seemed to be suspiciously subtweety? Well, today the saga continues, but this time it’s more of a summer camp/junior high installment. Please note Selena chilling in the above Instagram photo wearing an oversized red hoodie. Perfectly casual night at the studio with and right?

Nope, because The Weeknd reportedly decided to weigh in on Selena’s clothing choice. “Sweater” he wrote in a comment, drawing our collective attention to the garment in question:

And it turns out, yes, this sweater a Supreme x Champion hoodie from The Weeknd’s own closet. And we all know wearing the clothes of your significant other is a very important step in the relationship. I mean, at least when you’re in a teenage romance. Still, for all the makeout shots of them taken by the paps, this is the closest to actual couple confirmation we’ve really gotten from these two.

Here’s a couple other oh-so-casual pics from the night: