Selena Gomez’s Song About Justin Bieber Is The Definitive Break-Up Song Of Our Time

07.10.13 5 years ago 3 Comments

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Every now and then, a song will swoop into our ears, hearts and loins to pierce our souls with their words and angelic harmonies. Well, ladies and gentlemen, today one of those days.

Selena Gomez has executed a Tarzan swing from heart string to heart string and our emotions are at her mercy. We cried along with her when new Chicago Blackhawks fan Justin Bieber turned into a boy-whore and broke her heart. SCREW YOU FOR OUR TEARS, BIEBER!

Now, we finally have some closure as she released the song “Love Will Remember” complete with a voicemail from Justin Bieber himself.

“Forever will forever be ours, even if we try to forget.”

My heart, Selena. My heart!

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