Shamir Reviews Man Buns, Taylor Swift’s #Squad, And Other 2015 Trends

You’d be hard-pressed to find an artist who had a better 2015 than Shamir. His debut album Ratchet (my pick for Album of the Year at 2015’s half-way point) blew the eff up to the point that he even got a chance to confuse Middle America on Colbert.

So, Stereogum couldn’t have picked a better artist to review the series of trends and topics that was 2015. The “On The Regular” singer gave his two cents on everything from man buns (“It’s just a bun. Why do you have to put ‘man’ in front of it?”), Taylor Swift’s “Illuminati squad” and Kanye West’s “Walking Dead” clothing line.

For more of Shamir’s excellent 2015, check him out interviewing patron saint of slack indie Mac DeMarco.

(Via Stereogum)