Shania Twain’s Return Means ‘Life’s About To Get Good’ For Pop-Country Fans

Shania Twain arguably did more than any ’90s country star to blur the lines between that genre and pop. While her career started with the obviously country singles “Any Man Of Mine” and “Whose Beds Have Your Boots Been Under?,” by the time of her most recent album, she was releasing separate country and pop mixes of her songs.

For Twain, country was a mindset or a set of ideas. Her pop-leaning compositions were country largely because she was country and she said they were. Then Shania just stopped after 2002’s Up!, sitting out as plenty of artists took her ideas to extremes. Well, now Twain is returning to a landscape of country songs with legitimate bass drops that she’s helped inspire, and she’s showing the people who came up after her how it’s done.

“Life’s About To Get Good” is classic Shania. It’s a big mixed bag of banjos run through effects pedals, something that might be fiddle, and ska stroking guitars, all used to sell a message of general positivity. Honestly, she’s been away for well over a decade, but it doesn’t sound like the hit-making machine in her brain has rusted in the slightest.

“Good” is our first glimpse of Twain’s new album Now, which is due out on September 29.