Sharon Stone Is Suing Chanel West Coast For Using Her Name Over 100 Times In ‘Sharon Stoned’

In an era of music where songs such as “F*ck Donald Trump” and “Monica Lewinsky” exist, the reactions of famous people with song title credits (obviously) vary depending on the song’s subject matter. Insert Sharon Stone, whose name parallels Chanel West Coast’s 2018 track “Sharon Stoned.”

Well, Stone not only isn’t fond of her likeness being used in a song title, but she also wants to sue Chanel. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Stone alleges that Chanel is capitalizing on her “extraordinary level of popularity and fame,” and that because of her career she “maintains strict control” over name and likeness. In addition, Stone states that the name Sharon Stone is repeated 33 times, while the name Sharon is repeated another 99 times. Total of Sharon or Sharon Stone being repeated: 132 times.

Stone’s argument is that the “mantra-like repetition” of Stone’s name is an example of Dudley’s “penchant for glomming onto celebrity icons.” Ultimately, Stone is suing Chanel for “unfair competition and violations of her right of publicity,” while seeking an “injunction barring Dudley from using her name or image and both punitive damages and disgorgement of any profits Dudley has earned as a result of the song and video.”

We’ll have more on this story as news develops.