Shawn Mendes Is The Third Youngest Person To Score Three ‘Billboard’ No. 1 Albums

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06.04.18 2 Comments

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Shawn Mendes is coming off the release of his third full-length record, representing this one as a moment in time, a pop phase caught in amber, by making it a self-titled record. Mendes represents a sincere turn in pop music that’s not being written off as overly earnest or uncool, instead, he is emblematic of a new generation who are facing devastating issues like school shootings and police brutality, and want a little softness, a little more gentleness in their pop.

Regardless, Shawn Mendes has hit the No. 1 slot on the Billboard chart, which is no mean feat for anyone, let alone a 19-year-old who is doing it for the third time in his life. The only two pop stars to notch three albums that topped the chart before Mendes did were Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus, so he’s in great company.

Billboard also provides a whole host of other facts about the young singer’s successful new record. For one, he’s nearing Justin Timberlake numbers when it comes to both streaming and actual album sales, and for another, he beat out his own personal records with a whopping 182,000 equivalent album units. Get ready to hear a lot more from him, this summer and beyond.

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