Watch One Man Brilliantly Mashup 153 Songs All At Once

We may have finally reached a point where the mashup craze is just getting ridiculous.

Shawn Wasabi’s “Marble Soda” consists of 153 (!) samples, which he executes live. That’s about one new sample per second.

Good luck getting all those cleared.

To pull this off in real time, Wasabi uses a custom controller called the Midi Fighter 64, which, in addition to sounding like an old Nintendo game, was built by Google engineer Michael Mitchell. Many of the buttons are individual samples, but some are used as sub folders for different sounds. Even with this machine, the fact that Wasabi was able to remember the location of each sample and hit each button on cue is nothing short of incredible. According to the FADER, the Midi Fighter 64 is a one-of-a-kind machine, but you can sign a petition to get more made.

Somewhere, Girl Talk is in awe.

(Side note: The photos on Wasabi’s Facebook page are more insane than the mashup itself.)

(Via the FADER)

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