Sheer Mag’s ‘Need To Feel Your Love’ Is A Heartbroken Roller Rink Anthem

Contributing Writer

Sheer Mag have every shade of ’70s rock down pat. A run-through of their EPs shows that they have a whole catalog full of road-trip songs, aggressive kiss-offs and everything in between. And now, with the title track from the Philly punks’ upcoming debut, they can cross off roller rink soundtrack from the list.

“Need To Feel Your Love” has a funky and bouncing guitar that’s just made for a couples skate, even if the lyrics aren’t exactly romantic.

In a press release, frontwoman Christina Halladay said that the song is about “when you get to the point of a romantic relationship and you feel as if you have done everything to give that person a chance to make the most out of it and you are at the breaking point and you need them to do something more, even if you don’t exactly know that is.”

Halladay certainly sounds like someone who has had it when she repeatedly yells that she’s made up her mind. But the bright bopping of the rest of the track just can’t be contained. Give it a listen up top and see if its worth lacing up over.

Need To Feel Your Love is out on July 14 via Wilsuns RC.

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