Shia LaBeouf’s Latest Bizarro Act Includes Dance Fighting A 12-Year Old In A Sia Music Video

It all makes sense now. All the training, protein consumption, beard growing — it has all lead up to this very moment. Shia LaBeouf has been spotted getting jacked after the bizarre episode that saw him get blitzed and chase a homeless man before getting thrown out of a performance of Cabaret. And, then there was the silent interview. But, that’s all behind us now. Shia is moving on with his life.

Just like Marvel’s cinematic universe, Shia has his own levels of progression. This is Phase Four Shia. (1=child Shia in Holes, 2=blockbuster Shia in Indiana Jones and Transformers, 3=batsh*t crazy Shia). We are now entering the galactic chapter of Shia, where art is not dancing and dancing is not fighting — they are all one.

It’s hard, on some level, not to respect LaBeouf. He’s a talented actor, and he literally had Hollywood by the balls, yet he gave no f*cks about it. He’s the ultimate fame troll.

Anyway, what you came here to see is a buff LeBeouf covered in mud, with boxing wraps around his hands, dance fighting 12-year old Maddie Ziegler of Dance Moms fame. I should probably mention this is a Sia music video too, but that doesn’t really seem to matter at this point.