UPROXX Premiere: Shoffy Will Gently Urge You To The Dancefloor With ‘conversations in the a.m.’

And now, something new for your Thursday.

Shoffy is a Los Angeles-based singer and producer who has dropped his new EP, conversations in the a.m. It’s easy listening, yet not defined as easy listening. If anything, you could label it “slightly futuristic R&B.” Danceable elements are coated with a wistfulness that rests on a bed of keyboards and percussion, creating a vibe that is distinctly Californian. The constant throughout the EP is the driving bounce that seems to be prevalent in each of the songs, pulling from elements of world music.

“In terms of the EP’s sound, going into it, I wanted to make something dance heavy and upbeat,” Shoffy says. “It’s a bit more electronic than songs I’ve released in the past, so I think it was interesting and new to me, experimenting with different sounds and song structures.”

You can hear more from Shoffy on his SoundCloud page.