Shura’s ‘BKLYNLDN’ Is A Tender Examination Of Modern Love

English electro-pop singer-songwriter Shura, who released her impressive debut album Nothing’s Real in 2016, is back with new music. The tender, vibey “BKLYNLDN” is the first release from the singer’s new label home at Secretly Canadian.

“BKLYNLDN” is lush and infatuated; even without listening to the lyrics, you can feel that it’s a love song by the way the synths unfurl. In a press statement, Shura gave some context on the inspiration for the song. She moved from London to Brooklyn to bridge the gap in a long-distance relationship, and immortalized the catharsis of finally being together in the same city through her music. “I wanted to capture that reversal musically and the final section of the track encapsulates my summer,” Shura said. “That feeling of skipping through Brooklyn, holding hands with my girlfriend and singing out loud, without caring about how ridiculous you might look to the rest of the world.”

The visuals for the song, directed by Fiona Jane Burgess, feature a couple kissing and embracing in close-up, washed in blue-scale. When the beat drops for the “summer in love” section of the song, it switches to warm full-color. The camera pulls out and the two lovers in the video come alive in movement. It’s a striking visual for a striking song, and sets the tone for Shura’s visionary next chapter as an artist.

Watch the video for “BKLYNLDN” above.