Listen To Sia’s New Song ‘Cheap Thrills,’ That Rihanna May Regret Passing On

We should all know by now that Sia is an incredibly talented singer-songwriter with a penchant for writing chart-topping hits for some of pop’s biggest stars such as Katy Perry, Ne-Yo, and Jessie J, to name a few. However, Sia wrote arguably her biggest hit, “Diamonds,” for Rihanna. So, with the news that Rihanna’s new album might be coming soon, it makes sense that RiRi would go back to Sia to help write some of the tracks for the upcoming ANTI. However, there may be one song that Rihanna rejected that she might regret.

On Thursday, Sia released a new track, “Cheap Thrills,” that is rumored to be written for Rihanna’s ANTI, but was not selected. “Cheap Thrills” is a pop song dedicated to the person who is going to have fun tonight and worry about the consequences, and their bank account, later. “I don’t need no money as long as I can feel the beat/ I don’t need no money as long as I keep dancing,” Sia sings in the chorus. The beat has a tropical feel which, presumably, should be right in RiRi’s wheelhouse, and it’s not hard to imagine the Barbadian singer owning the track and making it popular. However, Rihanna’s loss is clearly Sia’s gain, as this song is could be a major hit.