The Bird And The Bee Won’t Let Simon Helberg Crap In Their Video For ‘Will You Dance?’

When you work in an office, so much of your truly valued time is when you steal away to the bathroom, handle your business, and get to play around on your phone for a few minutes. Simon Helberg from The Big Bang Theory knows this to be true in The Bird And The Bee‘s new video for “Will You Dance?” from their first album in five years. The clip has the band blocking every toilet for Simon to use as he must hold in his mighty urges. Eventually, he gives in and stops caring, grabs a drink, and dances.

Patton Oswalt is also in the video as Helberg’s boss, who wonders where the hell he is and also needs a BM in the P.M himself, a la Bob’s Burgers. Really, this kind of scenario would ultimately be considered a win. While we would still probably like to use the restroom, any excuse to drink at work — especially when accompanied by synthpop — is a good one.

The Bird And The Bee’s Recreational Love is out July 17.

(Via Funny Or Die)