If You Ask Siri, Rihanna Sounds Exactly Like A Loud Fart


The intelligent personal assistant inside your iPhone has a habit of getting a bit too mean at times. First, it was the zero divided by zero question that left you feeling alone and depressed (and a little hungry). But Siri is now taking aim at pop star Rihanna.

If you have the latest iOS update, you can do a lot of cool new things with Siri and Apple Music. Ask her to play the top songs of a certain year, and she’ll give you a sweet playlist. Ask her to play a specific album, and she’s on top of it. But ask her to play loud farts… and you’ll hear Rihanna’s “What’s My Name?”

Even if you don’t have Apple Music or the Rihanna song, Siri will still search for “What’s My Name?”


Who knows which Apple developer decided to implement this little Easter egg, or how it was discovered, but if I were Siri, I’d have taken aim at a more peaceful, easygoing pop star with this joke. Rihanna has a history of taking revenge to the extreme. If Siri suddenly stops responding to your questioning, immediately alert the authorities… something bad has happened.

(Via Mashable)