Premiere: Sixth And College Make ‘Daydreaming’ Easy On Body-Rocking New Single With Cooper Phillip

Any day job is easier when headphones can be popped in and music can start to drown out the workload. However, certain songs are so tranquil, they take listeners on such a zone trip, they almost shouldn’t be listened to during work. On the other hand, that mental break can be just what the doctor ordered to keep pushing through the day.

Sixth and College might have one of those earworms on their hands with this appropriately named new single, “Daydreaming.”

Once the hook hits on this rhythmic groove and the chopped vocals start dancing with Cooper Phillips’ mesmerizing backgrounds, it’s hard not to let loose, forgetting all priorities at hand. But, ask band members Jeremy Porcha and Will Proulx how the song came about and they’ll tell you the song’s carefree free feel was actually quite organic.

After knocking out their song the way they always had, with Will handling the production and Jeremy handling the singing/songwriting, the Los Angeles duo agreed a female vocalist would be ideal and reached out to their friend, rising singer Cooper Phillips and her writing partner Kipper Evans. “The creative process behind ‘Daydreaming’ was a blast,” Jeremy told UPROXX. “We ended up recording the song the last day I was in LA, which came as a surprise to me. I didn’t know what to expect in terms of working with another singer and writer, but it turned out to be a fun and quick process.”

That perceived ease of production might surprise some, as the piano-based track effectively builds up to it’s peaks with heavenly piano chords and a rising drum kit that are brought together perfectly with Phillips’ sincere vocals. The song reels listeners in, without being too aggressive with drops.

Producer Proulx told us, “I made the beat for ‘Daydreaming’ during one of the summer heat waves out here in LA. I got back from surfing around 4pm and by 9pm, most of the beat was done. The whole process behind the song came super naturally and it was an honor to work with Cooper, Kip and Jeremy.”

If you’re stuck in a routine and looking to float away with some of Sixth and College’s natural cool, check out to “Daydreaming” below.