Skrillex Hangs Out With His BFFs Chance The Rapper And Justin Bieber In New Tour Documentary

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Skrillex catches a lot of flak for being the clown prince of the wub wub and a harbinger of the bro-step explosion. This is unfair for a lot of reasons. Namely, when Skrillex started to blow the London-bred sounds of dubstep out to cartoonish proportions, it was still something relatively new. He can’t help the way that the sound caught on and was reduced to a easily lampoon-able formula. He’s also made some great music since he moved on from the bass drop and, perhaps most important, he seems like a pretty good dude.

Use this tour documentary as Exhibit A. The Same Place shows Skrillex on his massive world tour, including stops at exotic islands and his own elementary school. The tour doc also shows that the man born Sonny Moore is pretty close with a whole host of other famous musicians including Justin Bieber, MØ, Rick Ross and Chance The Rapper. And given that Chano moves through the world like a beam of sunlight made flesh, it’s doubtful that he’d hang with any old jerk.

For more on Skrillex, check out his reunion with his old emo band From First To Last which is already generating a little controversy over its cover art.

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