Watch Skrillex Set His Hair On Fire Blowing Out The Candles On His Birthday Cake

01.17.13 7 Comments

People tend to look at unwashed grease monkeys like Skrillex and think that his look is an easy one to pull off. After all, it requires such little effort, so few showers and so few baths. But these people aren’t taking into consideration how difficult it is being a walking combustion machine, what with all the body oils and hair grease accumulation and whatnot.

For instance, your boy Skrillex almost ignited himself blowing out the candles on his birthday cake recently.

Reports TMZ:

It all went down at a private event space in Hollywood — the DJ leaned over his birthday cake to blow out the candles … and boom … fireworks.

Luckily, someone at the party noticed before serious damage was done, and Skrillex — real name Sonny Moore — was able to extinguish the flames.

Skrillex laughed the whole thing off — before eating his enormous turntable-shaped birthday cake.

Of course, TMZ has video of the whole thing…

Meanwhile, I’m still listening to Skrillex’s “Summit” regularly, so there’s that.

(Pic via Virgin Mobile Live)

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