Skrillex And Katie Couric’s ‘Festival-Smash’ EDM Banger Is Your Real Song Of The Summer

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In a recent video interview for Yahoo News, Katie Couric joined one of EDM’s biggest stars, Skrillex, in his L.A. home studio for a candid conversation. They talked collaborations with Giorgio Moroder, Diplo, Justin Bieber, Clams Casino, and Vic Mensa, making music that “Parents just don’t understand,” the “corny” trailer for that Zac Efron EDM movie, EDM drug culture and more.

“I always did it for the music, I don’t do Molly, I’m not telling kids to do Molly. My music is not that good for those type of drugs, because it’s so much more intense. I wouldn’t be able to do 300 shows a year if I was doing drugs. It’d be impossible. I’d rather just do music, that’s cool for me.”

As the interview moves to songwriting and his process, Skrillex gives Couric a first-hand experience of what it’s like to produce a song from scratch. In his studio, they “collaborate” on a bouncy new track about marshmallows that they proclaim is sure to be a hit.

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(Via Stereogum)