Skrillex And Poo Bear’s Joyful ‘Would You Ever’ Video Might Make Dancing Skaters A Thing

Watching Skrillex and Poo Bear’s “Would You Ever” video was actually pretty stressful for me, because I’ve never been coordinated enough to ride a skateboard, let alone do the sort of exuberant, amazingly choreographed sort of dancing the guy in the video does while riding the skateboard. I could feel my nonexistent core muscles burning.

Skrillex, who once went from the most hated man in dubstep to being Justin Bieber’s number one producer, and Poo Bear, Justin’s go-to hit songwriter and subject of a pretty cool documentary on the inner workings of the music industry, teamed up again for this perky dance number that will almost certainly find its way onto gym playlists on iPhones across the nation.

While this isn’t the first time Poo Bear has stepped in front of the mic himself, it’s a refreshing peek at the songwriter as artist, while still flexing the pen game that made him sought after by everyone from 112 to Usher to Latin American reggaeton artist J. Balvin. “Would you ever run away with me?” is still about as romantic as it gets, but Skrillex’s fast-paced, bouncy house-influenced beat pushes it out of the realm of sappy to outright joyful. Now, go find that iPhone, throw this on your “Workout Jams No. 5” list, and let’s all hit the gym — just make sure you bring a shirt.