Slash Serves Up An Appropriately Ass Kicking Rendition Of ‘Ace Of Spades’ In Tribute To Lemmy

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01.03.16 2 Comments

How do you pay tribute to God? If you’re Slash, you do so by taking God’s most cherished hymn out for a spin on New Year’s Eve.

Linked up with Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators, Slash busted out a cover of Motörhead’s immortal anthem “Ace Of Spades” in tribute to the recently departed Lemmy Kilmister. Introduced with a heartfelt growl of “this is for Lemmy,” the beloved tune was cranked out with the right amount of love, nastiness and dancing with the devil.

As you might suspect from two rock icons with a fondness for intriguing hats and loud-ass guitar music, Slash and Lemmy certainly were no strangers to one another. Rolling Stone notes that Slash was even at Lemmy’s 70th birthday party on the Sunset Strip back in December. If you happen to have a copy of Slash’s 2010 self-titled album, you know that the two paired up for a track titled “Doctor Alibi.”

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