Slayer Will Be Immortalized In Brutal New Comic Series ‘Repentless’

Slayer have long filled their songs and videos with comic-book violence, gruesome scenes of gore more than deserving of their own splash page. And everyone knows comics and heavy metal and comics have gone hand in hand since…well, Heavy Metal. So, the story isn’t so much that Slayer have their own comic book series coming out, but that it’s taken this long to put the two together.

Slayer: Repentless is a mini-series from Dark Horse Comics that’s coming in January 2017. It’s being written by Jon Schnepp of Metalocalypse fame with art by Twilight Zone’s Guiu Vilanova. The three-issue run will follow the band as they ride down a hellish highway, with scenes inspired by their lyrics and music videos.

“It’s been my honor to chronicle the bloody road trip” said Schnepp. “Using the band’s music and lyrics from their three decades of albums… I have woven a tale of betrayal, hate, perspective, loyalty, family, and murder that will need to be experienced through the comic books’ pages.”

If the videos from Repentless the album are any indication — like this Danny Trejo-starring clip of the title track — then things are going to get really, really messy. And if anyone wants to rail against a famous band getting their own comic series, save your breath. They aren’t listening.

Repentless #1 is available for pre-order here.