Slayer Is In The Smithsonian So Guard Your Ears, Nerds

It may be true that God Hates Us All, but apparently not the thrash metal royalty in Slayer. Yes, Kerry King, Tom Araya, and company are a group that really have managed to earn and keep everyone’s respect in the hard rock world for their entire run. And now, after nearly three decades together, the band will be truly immortalized in a museum. No, not the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (though they definitely deserve that, too), but rather the Smithsonian Institution.

That’s right. In addition seeing the Lego American flag and hearing Alexander Graham Bell’s voice, you can learn all about the “Raining Blood”-shredding metalheads as part of a new exhibit at the National Museum of History. “Places of Musical Innovation” will show several artists who have revolutionized a form of music, and Slayer is just one of the acts who will be featured.

See, learning can be fun and cool sometimes! Now, taking what you’ve learned from a day at the museum and going to the local library or record store and learn about “Dead Skin Mask” or “War Ensemble” may be a little more difficult, but still. If this 10-year-old girl can learn it on guitar with her little sister playing on recorder, then it’s definitely wholesome enough for your kids.

(via Billboard)

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