Carrie Brownstein Says That Sleater-Kinney Is Back In The Studio Recording New Music

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Portlandia is scheduled to begin its final season on January 18th, and the show’s impact on pop culture cannot be understated. It’s unlikely that the city of Portland will ever be looked at the same way, while its stars, Fred Armison and Carrie Brownstein, have certainly seen their stars rise. In fact, there are some corners of the world where Brownstein is better known for her comedy contributions than her incredible work as a musician, which includes both the one-off project Wild Flag and the legendary Seattle outfit Sleater-Kinney.

But with Portlandia wrapping, Brownstein will certainly have more time to focus on her music. During an interview with Billboard, Brownstein unveiled that Sleater-Kinney are actually back to work on new music, following their 2015 comeback album No Cities To Love, which was their first record in ten years.

In addition to directing her first feature film, Fairy Godmother, due this year, Brownstein recently returned to the studio with Sleater-Kinney bandmates Corin Tucker and Janet Weiss. She throws up her hands defensively when asked about a timetable. “Now, just so you know, we’re going to do this very slowly,” she says. “It’s an ongoing conversation.”

So while it doesn’t sound like we should expect a new album anytime soon, it also sounds like it will be a lot shorter than their last ten-year hiatus. Considering just how good their last record was, news that they will be back is certainly exciting.