Sleeping Kid Wakes Up In Backseat, Rocks Out To Nirvana

05.15.12 6 years ago 3 Comments

Yes, today is, in fact, kid video day at UPROXX. Deal with it.

You see, like the kid-starring “Sabotage” reenactment I posted earlier, this video of a 3 year-old kid waking up in the backseat of a car and transitioning flawlessly into an air drumming performance is just too good not to post. It’s a sign that all hope is not lost for future generations, that at least some kids out there are being taught the virtues of rocking the hell out. Even better is this kid’s siblings’ choice of song: “Territorial Pissings,” “Breed” a vastly underrated Nirvana classic. I dare to say that Kurt Cobain would be proud.

Now hurry up and enjoy this before Courtney Love sues to have it taken down or something.

(HT: Laughing Squid)

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