Sleepy Rose’s 2 Chainz-Featuring ‘Shoot It Out’ Video Has A Lot Of Guns

Earlier this month, 2 Chainz’s label The Real University (also known as “T.R.U.”) announced a partnership with Atlantic Records and released the first single as part of that relationship: Sleepy Rose’s “Shoot It Out,” featuring 2 Chainz, Skooly, Worl, and Hott LockedN. Now there is a new video for the track, and it’s all about firearms, from the gun shop to hunting in full camouflage gear.

2 Chainz said of the video, “Excited to give a new generation of Atlanta a platform to create their own wave. The video showcases each of their unique personas.” He also previously said of the song, “It adjusts the mood on your face. It’s got the grit and the Atlanta sound I like to talk about. It’s a heavy one with a lot of power.”

Rose also added onto 2 Chainz’s statement about the video, “I don’t ride waves I create them.”

2 Chainz also previously said of T.R.U., “I treat the record label as school with various levels. That’s why we refer to it as ‘The Real University.’ It’s a course you go through. Ever since my mixtape days, I’ve used the acronym T.R.U. It was a school of thought I put in place. It was all about me practicing what I preach, getting comfortable in my own skin, going through ups and downs, and moving forward.”

Watch the “Shoot It Out” video above.

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