Sleigh Bells Go For Soaring Indie Pop In Their First New Song Since 2013

Sleigh Bells — a band you may unfortunately most recently know from possibly getting ripped off by Demi Lovato — have finally released their first new track since 2013. After seeing diminishing returns on their third album Bitter Rivals, the band has moved away from the pissed off, megaphone-assisted cheerleader stomp that previously defined them.

“Champions Of Unrestricted Beauty” is all soaring indie pop, with a lot of the grit of their earlier hits peeled away. The video released alongside the new track is perfectly tuned to the stratospheric sounds that Sleigh Bells are putting down. Shots of eagles and Florida storms are interspersed with clinking champagne glasses, nature documentary close-ups, and flaming balloons (not kidding even a little bit).

Check it out up top and take a look at the world-beating lyrics below.

(Via Noisey)

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