This Metalhead’s Impressive Christmas Lights Display Rocks The Holidays With The Help Of Slipknot

I’m firmly in the “no decorating for Christmas until after Thanksgiving” camp. Can’t we just let Turkey Day live? But I’ll make an exception for Slayer Bob, the metalhead who has been wowing internet audiences and annoying neighbors with his incredible Christmas lights displays set to heavy metal since at least 2009. Up top take a look at this year’s edition, a rendition of “Psychosocial” by Slipknot.

Bob goes all out on this one and includes devil horns, a headbanging snowman, a Santa band, a chorus of Christmas trees, ominous Zordon-like face and representations of the band member’s various masks. We know you’re probably burned out on light displays (after all, they’ve only gotten bigger and more obnoxious since that Trans Siberian Orchestra “Wizards In Winter” video blew up huge in 2009), but we sincerely doubt you’ve seen any that include the word “DEAD” spelled out as big as a house.

As specialized as this might seem, Slayer Bob has actually used this year’s set-up for more than one song. Here’s the same house doing Disturbed’s “Stricken.”

Keep these videos bookmarked as Christmas edges nearer to take on whatever Mannheim Steamroller renditions come floating into your Facebook feed.