Watch Smash Mouth’s ‘All Star’ Be Turned Into A Real Bummer

Smash Mouth. People sure do like making fun of them. There is a generation of people who grew up in a world where “Walkin’ on the Sun” and “All Star” were ubiquitous, and also annoying, because their music wasn’t very good. Now, that generation is a bunch of adults making content on the internet, giving Smash Mouth a second life, albeit one that doesn’t really celebrate them. In the latest edition of Smash Mouth-fueled content on the internet, some internet person named DJ Cummerbund has done their damnedest to turn “All Star” into a real bummer.

“The Sound of Smash Mouth,” Cummerbund’s remix, has stripped all the fun and lightness out of the song, turning it into a morbid piano dirge. Suddenly, “All Star” sounds like a somber song, albeit with the same growling voice barking the lyrics at you. But DJ Cummerbund didn’t stop there, he has also tweaked the video.

In addition to making it black and white, he has stuck some notoriously bummer-inducing scenes from movies, such as My Girl and The Lion King. Those are also movies that were probably watched and loves by kids who grew up in a time when Smash Mouth was popular. Here is a video that knows its target audience, and knows the power of nostalgia.