Billy Corgan Reveals The Tracklist For The Smashing Pumpkins Reunion Album

Much has been said about the upcoming Smashing Pumpkins reunion, the two most conversation-worthy points the controversy surrounding D’Arcy Wretzky’s lack of involvement, and the band’s next album with their original lineup (minus Wretzky). Billy Corgan’s Instagram has been a gold mine for info about the reunion lately, and over the long weekend, he shared another tidbit: The names of the new songs the band is working on.

The post features a screenshot of the (seemingly cut-off) words, “Everyone seems to have wildly extreme thoughts on you: you’re either a messianic genius or some crazy kind of nightmare. I just see a guy comfortable having your own ideas and,” and he writes in the description:

“Good day! Back home in Chicago, snowy and unfair as she is, with a week to refine lyrics for the 8 new SP songs, whilst also finishing hope a couple more solo songs. The solo album is currently between 16 and 18 songs, and still in need of overdubs. And speaking of overdubs, we’ll be back in Malibu next week to sing shiny new lyrics and cut final guitar overdubs with James and Jeff. Busy! But good busy. And for birdwatchers, here are the titles for the 8 Smashing Pumpkins songs: Alienation, Travels, Silvery Sometimes, Solara, With Sympathy, Marchin’ On, Knights of Malta, Seek and You Shall Destroy.”

Based on his phrasing, it seems like those eight titles aren’t just eight new Smashing Pumpkins songs, but the eight new songs that will appear on the band’s next release: “Alienation,” “Travels,” “Silvery Sometimes,” “Solara,” “With Sympathy,” “Marchin’ On,” “Knights Of Malta,” and “Seek And You Shall Destroy.” This is by no means an album announcement, but Corgan does sound pretty sure that these are the eight songs that will make up the next Smashing Pumpkins release, with which it seems Rick Rubin is involved.