The GOP Establishment Trots Out Their Own ‘Shuffle’ In This Cut ‘SNL’ Sketch

Are you a Donald Trump-leaning Republican with a weakness for “Super Bowl Shuffle” parodies? First of all, we imagine you receive a lot of bizarre targeted ads, and secondly the GOP wants to win back your love. Well, not the actual GOP, but rather the version provided by Saturday Night Live in this hilarious clip that got cut for time.

Republican big shots like Paul Ryan, Lindsey Graham, and John Boehner (who is oranged up to Oompa Loompa intervention levels) bring the MC skills and sense of rhythm they’re known for in the “Establishment Shuffle.” Boasting that they were the first to hate Muslims before Trump jumped on the bandwagon, the steps are pretty easy to learn (thanks stiff old white guy choreography!), and there’s even Boehner’s unique interpretation of motion in the form of the dance sensation “The Cantaloupe.” Don’t get too aroused by their charisma, mind you. As Paul Ryan notes: “Stick with me girl, I’ll drive you wild/And if I get you pregnant, you’re having my child. Right to life. R-r-r-right to life.”

It’s catchy, funny and (if you gaze at Mitch McConnell’s neck) horrifying all in one glorious swirl. Heck, if you’ve seen that insane video of a rapping Canadian mom going off about how: “I am a concerned mother of three/Keep male and female washrooms where our children can pee,” it makes the clip’s send-up of North Carolina Governor Pat McCory seem nuanced in comparison.

Hit play on the video above and then sort out your expectation level for this week’s show via the newly released batch of Russell Crowe and Leslie Jones promos hyping the new episode.