Snoop Dogg Was In Pure Snoop Form While Trying ‘Battlefield 1’ At E3

E3 2016 unofficially kicked off today with EA and Bethesda showing off what they had to offer for 2016 and beyond. Naturally, the hype was through the roof as gamers got to peek at EA’s plans for their Star Wars property (hint: there’s a lot coming) in addition to letting people play Battlefield 1 hands-on for the first time. (Not to mention FIFA 17‘s story mode reveal and Madden‘s ridiculous amount of new features.)

However, the big takeaway from E3 2016 thus far wasn’t EA’s big plans for Star Wars. It wasn’t the multiplatform reveal for Titanfall 2. It wasn’t even the most popular game in the world’s impressive story mode. No, it was the knowledge that Snoop Dogg will never not be Snoop Dogg, even in a city that doesn’t allow smoking indoors and live on camera.

Yep, that’s Snoop, smoking a blunt while EA talks about his intense level of “concentration” as he watches over a trench in Battlefield 1. Look at him, multitasking like only Snoop can.

“Well you can see the concentration. Look at all of these players they’re all just looking out, ‘well I’ve got to really concentrate here.'”

And Snoop was concentrating with what most gamers would consider a performance enhancing drug.