Not Only Did Desiigner Give Snoop Dogg The Jacket Off His Back, He Autographed It Too

What happens when you get Snoop Dogg and Desiigner in a room together? Besides contagious good vibes and greenery of course, you get a material swap of big-time proportions. Desiigner is still busy cooking up LOD, his debut studio album, but he still has time to have a little fun. The G.O.O.D. Music artist was recently seen with Snoop Dogg at what looks to be the set for Snoop’s GGN webshow. Apparently Snoop is a big fan of Desiigner, so much so that he asked for the 20-year-old’s autograph.

Desiigner didn’t just sign a piece of paper, though. He literally gave Snoop the jacket off his back, signing the denim jacket with an elaborate symbol representing his name and even drew in a little panda as Snoop looked on graciously.

The gift giving apparently didn’t stop there though. Another snap caught Desiigner showing off chains with a caption that read “(shoutouts) Uncle Snoop for the new piieces.” Who knows if Snoop really gave him the chains he deemed “too cold for TV,” but the two had a great time regardless, dancing and showing off the Texas A&M University’s new football jersey.

For all the talk about an age divide in hip-hop, it’s good to see a moment like this. Snoop is already a certified legend when Desiigner was born in 1997, but 20 years later he’s still here to embrace the youngin’s and turn up with them.