Snoop Dogg Turned His Awful First Pitch Into Sick Padres Burn

Snoop Dogg loves his sports. Sure, not as much as he seems to love marijuana, but he’s often found pontificating on his affinity for sports. As such, when he threw out the first pitch before a San Diego Padres game, and it was a disaster, it was a bit of a surprise. It wasn’t the worst first pitch we’ve ever seen, or even the worst by a musician, but it was bad. Snoop Dogg, though, has taken it in stride, and, in fact, has turned it into a chance to really burn the Padres big time.

Snoop’s excuse, which doubles as a roast of the Padres, is as follows:

“The Padres are what, 26-40? You can’t expect me to go out there and groove in a sweet Snoop sinker when you’re 14 games out of first place; that would make for some wack proportionality. I’m a performer, and I performed in precisely the manner that the moment required. Everybody laughed, which is the appropriate response when your team is a joke.”

This seems like a bit of an after the fact justification for Snoop. After all, he took the mound in a Padres jersey and hat, so he didn’t seem to be too disgusted by the Padres then. However, who cares? Snoop royally burned the Padres. He could have beaned an old lady in the crowd and skated away unscathed with a diss like this. Snoop remains as smooth as ever.

(Via SB Nation)