There’s A Petition To Get Snoop Dogg To Narrate An Entire Season Of ‘Planet Earth’

01.29.16 3 years ago 3 Comments
snoop dogg

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Snoop Dogg’s resume is already pretty lengthy: rapper, actor, football coach, entrepreneur and now, thanks to this petition, a possible host for one of BBC’s most popular TV series.

A petition has been created to get Snoop to narrate a whole season of BBC’s nature documentary series, Planet Earth, and is already at 12,250 signatures and counting. The inspiration behind the petition comes from a segment Snoop did on Jimmy Kimmel Live, where the rapper recorded voiceovers to footage from Planet Earth.

Of course, plenty of people are excited about the possibility of Snoop talking about animals in nature, with that distinctive voice of his.

Even Snoop himself is down for the cause.

Looks like David Attenborough might have some competition, or at the very least we’ll get a joint episode where the two narrate together. Regardless, the world needs more Plizzanet Earth.

(Via NME)

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