Snoop Dogg Showed Up At The Masters PGA Tournament To Live His Best Life

Despite what Donald Trump would tell you, Snoop Dogg is a living, breathing national treasure. He is a force of good, brightening anywhere and everywhere he turns up. This week, that “where” just happens to be Augusta, Georgia, where the Masters just began today. While the professional golfers are chasing a green jacket, the expert in greenery is attending various events associated with one of the PGA’s major championships.

Here he is wearing his own green jacket while promoting gin (the juice goes without saying):

Here he is getting lessons from Seema Sadekar, a professional golfer and “The Golf Fashionista”:

Here he is showing off his swing:

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Here he is showing off his golf bag (while still promoting gin):

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And here he is DJing while, you guessed it, still promoting gin:

Golf Digest caught up with Snoop as he played a few holes at Forest Hills Golf Club, four miles south of Augusta National. “I know the prestigiousness of being at the Masters, so I respect it, and I understand what it means to be here,” Snoop told the magazine. “Hopefully I can influence them [the Masters] to invite more people like myself who are cool and who are hip-hop and who are about other things and bring some flavor to the Masters and not just let it be quiet.”

What did we tell you? A force for good.