So This Guy Accidentally Farted A Musical Masterpiece

There’s a reason that fart’s got the word “art” in it. Now that someone has actually passed an entire musical masterpiece out of their butt, no one will ever convince me that there’s anything about flatulence that isn’t painfully beautiful.

Lozzobear, the reddit genius behind this video, discovered the magical sounds his anus could produce while he was sending his brother (whom he missed) sound files of his farts. While they all must have been excellent, there was one fart — when slowed down and compared to another wind instrument — that actually made up a “major seventh in b flat with a trill at the end.” You know who else composed that kind of magic? Beethoven. That’s right, this guy’s butt just played classical music.

Lozzobear calls the fart his “magnum anus” and his “rectum opus.” I think even Mr. Holland would agree that it’s well-deserved.

(Via Happy Place)