Solange Loves To Sing Along To Ariana Grande’s ‘Sweetener,’ Too

Solange posted a series of fun clips to her social media Sunday night. The singer-songwriter, who tends to be relatively quiet on social media compared to other celebrities, offered fans a rare peek into her private life. Solange posted the one-minute compilation of silly clips and photos with the caption “no mo digital hoardingggg taking up spaceee I luh yallll.”

The video, which can be seen above, features Solange hanging out with friends and singing along to her favorite songs, just like we all do. Except one of her friends is Kelela, and her voice sells millions of records. In one clip, you can see Solange jamming out to Ariana Grande’s “Sweetener” in a car, and in another, she sings along to a Beyoncé deep cut (2006’s “Kitty Kat”). Most of what we see from Solange is carefully curated artistry, so it’s fun to see her release some more lighthearted mirror selfies — and to know she’s a fan of Ariana Grande, too. Can they collab on a “Sweetener” remix?

The digital drop follows the surprise release of Solange’s album When I Get Home earlier this month. Since then, the singer has also shared an accompanying short film, along with a video for her song “Binz.”