Solange Knowles Lost Her Wedding Ring At A Mardi Gras Parade

Solange Knowles
Getty Image

Singer and Saint Records founder Solange Knowles recently lost her wedding ring in New Orleans while she was participating in an annual Mardi Gras parade. And if you can manage to find it, you’re primed for a huge reward.

An honorary member of the Krewe of Muses, Knowles was rolling with the group when she lost her ring along the parade route. The Muses have posted details on their Facebook page where the singer thinks she lost her ring, and are offering a cash reward for its safe return. Unfortunately, it is not to be best friends with/marry Beyoncé, but still, pretty good. Despite the loss, Knowles still had a good time in New Orleans, and even received the key to the city from Mayor Landrieu.

Knowles has also been in the headlines recently for an interview with R&B singer and actress Brandy, that was published on her Saint Heron website. The interview led to Knowles revisiting the time she defended Brandy’s Two Eleven album, and the unfair criticism it received by predominantly white, male music critics in 2013, as well as addressing the music industry’s history of racism against black artists, on Twitter.

She also specifically took New York Times music critic Jon Caramanica to task, responding to a comment he made on a podcast in 2013, where he suggested that her tweets were equivalent to “biting the hand that feeds her.”