Solange Teased Her First New Music Since ‘A Seat At The Table’ With A 60-Second Video

Getty Image

In recent days, there has been reason to speculate that Solange could be releasing a new album soon. She’s scheduled to perform at some festivals this year, and earlier this week, she set up a page on social media site BlackPlanet, which has led fans to believe that Solange has something in the works. Now it appears that Solange has all but confirmed that some sort of new project is on the way, as she has shared a 60-second video that features new music.

The video begins with a clip of a line of people viewed from the front with their arms outstretched at various angles, scored by some R&B-style music. After 36 seconds of that, we see home videos of Solange, and then a clip of Solange and some other women who look like her dancing in a small room, a scene that is also set to new music that has a lo-fi hip-hop vibe.

Solange talked about her next record in a New York Times interview last year, saying, “There is a lot of jazz at the core. But with electronic and hip-hop drum and bass because I want it to bang and make your trunk rattle.” She also said that the album is “warm” and “fluid and more sensual” than A Seat At The Table, and added, “I realize how much wider, figuratively and literally, my work could be if I took myself away as subject.”

Watch the teaser above.