Someone Got A Tattoo Of Drake As Bart Simpson For Reasons We Can’t Comprehend

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The marriage of two pop culture phenomenons can either be a gift or a curse, depending on your point of view. There’s no denying that Drake is one of the biggest music acts of this generation, and The Simpsons — despite its age — is still a cultural touchstone. So, what would they look like if they merged into one entity? Well, for one man, imagining that depiction was not enough. He had to get it tattooed on him.

Toronto tattoo artist Franz Stefanik has an interesting system in place at his tattoo shop. A vending machine at his shop dispenses his sketches, and whatever one you randomly receive is the tattoo you get. One of those sketches was Drake as Bart Simpson, but one man liked the sketch so much that he requested it even without getting it from the vending machine. Now he has to live with it. Bad tattoo or nah?

(Via Complex)