Someone Has Unleashed Four Never Before Heard Spice Girls Demos On The World

The Spice Girls in 1997
Getty Image

One day in the near future, the Nobel Committee is going to have to strongly consider giving Victoria Beckham a prize for her efforts in stopping a Spice Girls reunion. For years, the members of Britain’s once-absurdly popular all-girl pop group have been teasing fans with the idea of a new world tour, thanks to our unending love of nostalgia and the success of the Backstreet Boys in their similar efforts. But every time the rumors were squashed, it always seemed to be Beckham that didn’t want to rehash the past, mainly because she’s a very well-respected fashionista and the ultimate soccer WAG.

Well, get ready for the rumors to heat up again. The Sound Cloud account “Spice Girls – Girl Power” has released four previously “unreleased demo” songs, including a pop version of the song “Right Back At Ya,” which appeared on the album Forever. Obviously, because of the prankish nature of the Internet, it’s hard to believe that these songs just popped up out of nowhere, but upon several listens (I’m anything if not thorough for the sake of pop music) it certainly sounds like the real deal.

Please feel free to judge for yourselves, but don’t listen to them all at once because your life will be too spiced up…

“If It’s Lovin’ On Your Mind”

“A Day in Your Life”

“Right Back at Ya”

And here is “Pain Proof”… I’m not going to lie, this one got my toe tappin’ a little bit.

(If these YouTube versions should vanish, the originals are still available on Sound Cloud, despite their lousy embedding codes.)