Someone Should Take Chris Brown’s Twitter Away

On Friday, Chris Brown played an outdoor concert on the Today Show that drew an estimated 18,000 spectators, making it the largest turnout for a performance in the show’s history. Naturally, many — myself included — were taken aback by this, in addition to Brown’s sustained popularity despite appearing to be, well, a petulant little prick. Chris Brown took note of those criticisms and voiced his rebuttal on Twitter, insinuating that his critics are motivated by … wait for it … racism.

“Its funny how many second chances mainstream America gives some of their white celebs (Charlie Sheen, kacey anthony, etc),” Brown wrote in a tweet that was deleted shortly after it went up. But not before a few people were able to screengrab it…

Did Chris Brown just lament the fact that his race hinders him from being as popular as Casey Anthony and Charlie Sheen with middle America? I think he did! Chris, buddy — aim higher, pal. Seriously.

Adds the New York Observer:

The tweet was taken down soon after it was posted but, of course, not before millions got a hold of the tidbit. It was later replaced with a (non-racial) diatribe against the “haters” in which he ultimately proclaimed, “I keep my head high and my middle finger higher!”

His rant against mainstream America was soon followed by something of different genre completely: “2001: a space odyssey directed by Stanley Kubrick made in 1968. Best/ amazing scenes in it visually! Super dope!,” the singer tweeted Saturday.

Like I stated previously, Chris Brown is a maddening enigma, but someone should seriously take his Twitter away.