What Should Be The Song Of The Summer? Make Your Pick Using Our Bracket

06.22.15 4 years ago 53 Comments

The charts will determine which anthem will be this year’s Song of the Summer. Together, we’ll choose which song should be the Song of the Summer.

That’s right. The Uproxx Music brain trust has gathered in an attempt to build a 16-song bracket full of bangers that will be pouring out of car windows, seeping out of headphones, and generally soundtracking your sweatiest days. And now we’re putting that bracket in your hands to crown Uproxx’s first Song of the Summer.

Let’s face it: The actual Song of the Summer is going to be one of a couple of the ubiquitous hits currently dominating the charts. So arguing over what will get the official title is kind of boring and pointless. Our bracket has those smashes, but they sit alongside lesser-known cuts that happen to also be choice for these sweltering times. There were no prerequisites for airplay, sales, downloads, streams, etc., to be included in our bracket. In fact, there were only two rules: Each song had to be released as a single in 2015 (so before you start asking in the comments where “Trap Queen” is, now you have your answer; it came out in March, 2014), and it has to in some way fit the ethos of summer. That’s it.

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