It’s Final Four Time In Our Song Of The Summer Bracket, So Vote Now

06.24.15 3 years ago


(Click here for full-size bracket)

And then there were four. To be quite honest, not exactly the four we expected. Sure, we knew Taylor Swift was a lock to at least make the championship match, and probably win the whole damn thing, but we certainly didn’t expect to be at this point and still be talking about Best Coast, Jamie xx and Major Lazer.

There are only two rounds before Uproxx’s Song of the Summer is crowned, and the sheer numbers indicate that it’s likely we have a surprise winner. Then again, never count T.Swift out. If she can save the music industry, surely she can hold her own against three other songs. As has been the case, voting on the Final Four will end Wednesday at 10 p.m. EST, and we’ll be right back Thursday with voting on the championship match.

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