The Day Has Come To Crown UPROXX’s 2015 Song Of The Summer

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We’re sorry, Bethany Cosentino. We’ve doubted the rallying power of your fanbase from the very jump of this bracket, and your legions of followers continue to make us look foolish for doing so.

Best Coast absolutely demolished Taylor Swift in the Final Four, 1,241-439, and it seems all but a foregone conclusion that their “California Nights” will take down Major Lazer in this final match-up to earn our first Song of the Summer designation.

But Major Lazer has seen a surprising amount of support throughout this thing, too. They’ve got Jimmy Fallon on their side, for what that’s worth, and took down Spotify’s song of the summer choice on Wednesday, so don’t count out “Lean On” yet.

As has been the case, voting on the championship will end Thursday at 10 p.m. EST.

No. 3 Major Lazer and DJ Snake feat. Mø, “Lean On”
No. 4 Best Coast, “California Nights”