We’re Down To The Elite Eight Of UPROXX’s Song Of The Summer 2016

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What actually decides the Song of the Summer isn’t an exact science — it seems like a real mixture of things. It has to be a track you can’t avoid no matter where you go, which also captures the vibe and mood of the season, and can somehow cross over to all different kinds of people. Predicting this alone, as you can imagine, can be tough, so it’s much easier to put it in the hands of the people rather than dictating it from on high.

After some incredibly close votes (and a blowout or two), we are down to eight tracks vying for UPROXX’s 2016 Song of the Summer. Vote below to make sure your favorite takes it all.

Now that we’ve made it past the opening round following with a few surprise knockouts (sorry Beyonce), we push further in this battle for Summer supremacy, and here is where things start to get tough. Who will be the victors of each of their brackets, to defend their respective genres in the final four? Voting for this round ends Friday, July 8 at 9 a.m.


Drake – “One Dance”

Why is “One Dance” the song of the summer? Because it’s a track that is impossible to get sick of. “One Dance” is dope background music, “One Dance” can be played for hours and you’ll at different times forget that it’s on and still be stoked that it’s on. “One Dance” could survive the apocalypse because its beauty is in its simplicity. Of course, if Drake also survived said apocalypse, he’d have plenty of material for a new album because he’d be so sad that no one else survived and they all abandoned him.
– Ryan O’Connell

Chance The Rapper – “No Problem”

Chance The Rapper is the best rapper who can adapt to rappers on their own turf. He Jay Elec-Hanukkahed all over “How Great” with prophetic sounding bars, and “No Problem” is Chance taking on 2 Chainz and Lil Wayne’s specialty: crazy big party music. Chance building a banger out of his beloved choir snippets and ad-libs is noteworthy enough, but what makes “Problem” the SotS is the fact that Tity Boi and Wayne refused to be shown up. Weezy delivers one of the best verses we’ve heard from him in years and Chainz’ dad jokes are in peak form. If you can listen to this contender without bouncing on your toes or laughing at the idea of dapping up God, then I don’t want to know you.
– Alex Galbraith

WINNER: Chance The Rapper – “No Problem”


Rihanna & Calvin Harris – “This Is What You Came For”

Rihanna and Calvin Harris previously showed great chemistry with the monster hit “We Found Love,” and now they’ve got another winner on their hands with the mid-tempo, tropical house of “This Is What You Came For.” It’s a relatively mellow dance-pop song which doesn’t seem like an earworm at first, until you realize that you’ve been nodding your head to the beat all along. For members of the Rihanna Navy disappointed by the more subdued direction of ANTI, the song title says it all.
– Eddie Fu

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