Sorry To Break It To You Ladies, But William Hung Is Off The Market

Sorry to have to break the news to our female readers, but American Idol third season auditioner William Hung is now officially a married man. RumoxFix recently reported that Hung, now 31, (only 31??) was married on June 17 in Alhambra, California — although we don’t know anything about the lucky lady beyond this photo that they’ve exclusively gotten a hold of. I guess he finally settled down after he decided to trade his music career for a gig as an administrative assistant for the LA County Department of Public Health, which means that he’s no longer out banging groupies night after night.

Man. First Ryan Gosling impregnates Eva Mendes and now this. What are you going to tell me next, that Mario Lopez is gay? Thanks for freaking nothing, universe.

On that note, let’s all take some time to remember the high point of William Hung’s career:

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